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Come associazione di insegnanti e dirigenti scolastici che si occupa anche di sistemi educativi internazionali, abbiamo la possibilità di mettere in contatto scuole, insegnanti e dirigenti che hanno bisogno di partnership per progetti europei, progetti eTwinning, progetti di job shadowing e altro. Questo spazio è in particolare dedicato alle scuole estere che cercano scuole italiane affini. Pubblicheremo periodicamente annunci di scuole che ci hanno chiesto personalmente aiuto per contattare i colleghi italiani.

As an association of teachers and school leaders involved in observing international educational systems, we have the opportunity to connect schools, teachers, and administrators searching for partnerships for European projects, eTwinning initiatives, job shadowing projects, and more. This page is specifically dedicated to foreign schools seeking similar Italian counterparts. We will periodically post announcements from schools that have personally requested our assistance in reaching out to Italian colleagues.


Manresa, Spain

eTwinning project: The project is for students of first-aid assistance and/or nurse helpers. Everything is prepared (even the evaulation rubrics!) and it goes like that:

Session 0: the students receive an e-safety presentation led by their teacher and they have to do a brief video presenting their school and city/village.
Session 1: we do a videocall, we present ourselves, watch the videos and do the mixed groups (a couple of students of each country will work together online)
Session 2 to 12: they’ll work with the project (each session is described and prepared) which consist in preparing a short video explaining what should be done in these situations:

1. Heart attack, 2. Fainting, 3. Hyperventilation, 4. Bleed out, 5. Seizure, 6. Insect bite, 7. Burns, 8. Choking, 9. Head injury, 10. Panic attack

Our students work on mondays from 11:30 to 13:30, so it would be great that our partners would be able to also do so. It’s very important to note that everything is ready to start.

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